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Terms and conditions

Terms and conditions

SportLoc uses public information provided by licensed sports federations or promoters.

For each event  SportLoc publishes a location venue, date and start time based on information provided by licensed sports federations.

SportLoc will publish links to external sites related to the organization of sporting events, but will not take responsibility for the privacy policy of these external sites.

SportLoc is not responsible for the poor organization of a sport event, crowd, difficult transport and hooliganism.

The graphic symbols used in, logo, pictograms, form, texts are so owned by SportLoc and their use without the agreement of SportLoc Ltd. will be treated according to copyright law.

The information published at is public and can be used by anyone for the promotion of sports events.

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SportLoc reserves the right to make changes to these "Terms of Use" at any time by promptly publishing these changes on the site.

For all issues not covered by these "Terms of Use" the applicable Bulgarian legislation applies.

These "Terms of Use" are accepted by the management of Sportloc Ltd. and act effectively as of March 8, 2018.